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There are literally infinite ways that you can grow your business. Which, I know, can feel really overwhelming.

  • Which go-to market strategy is best for you and your products?

  • Which will be easiest or fastest to implement?

  • Which will get you to your long term goals faster?

You can drive yourself crazy weighing all the options, but in the end you're left making a somewhat educated guess as to which way to go. I know this pain and frustration too well, friend.

We take the guess work out of wholesale, providing you step by step instructions on how to start or how to leverage and improve what you're already doing.

There are a million ways to grow your business. Wholesale is just one way. But, it's what we excel at teaching. If you want to make wholesale a priority, let’s get started.


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Is Wholesale right for You?

While it is exciting to think about your products lining the shelves of Target, Anthropologie, Container Store or independent boutiques around the world, making the jump to wholesale should not be taken lightly.

During this FREE MINI-COURSE, Katie Hunt will walk you through 12 questions to help you determine if wholesale is the best next step for your business.


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A LIVE four-week online program for product based businesses that want to learn everything there is to know about selling wholesale, exhibiting at trade shows and reaching a wider range of wholesale accounts.

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