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Running a business is unlike any challenge you’ve faced before. It takes quiet courage, endless determination, creativity and a true, undeniable love for your work. And you?

You’ve got all of that in spades.

But, reaching success doesn’t happen overnight. And, the first step is perfecting your product. Skip those late nights searching Google and Facebook Groups for answers, surviving on coffee you made hours ago.

We’ve got everything you need to get started growing your product line right here.


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Is Wholesale Right For YOU?

While it is exciting to think about your products lining the shelves of Target, Anthropologie, Container Store or independent boutiques around the world, making the jump to wholesale should not be taken lightly.

During this FREE MINI-COURSE, Katie Hunt will walk you through 12 questions to help you determine if wholesale is the best next step for your business.


A Beginner's Guide to Wholesale

Katie Hunt on CreativeLive

Katie’s four CreativeLive classes are a great primer for what you’ll learn at Paper Camp. The CreativeLive classes are perfect for anyone new to wholesale, looking to refine their catalog or expand their wholesale marketing.

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