Packaging Your Products without Breaking the Bank

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Can we talk about product packaging for a minute? You want your products to look unique and stand out from the crowd, but you don’t have to break the bank to do it.

There are so many packaging options available, and it’s important to know when to follow the crowd and use standard packaging and when to get creative and do your own thing.

Ultimately, your product packaging must make it easy for the end customer to understand what your product is and how they can use it. And, from a business standpoint, you want to ensure that your packaging looks great, is scaleable and doesn’t cut into your profit margins. Here’s where to focus.

Keep it Simple

We all want beautiful packaging, but the more elaborate it is, the more expensive it is in terms of both time and money. While that gold twine and foil-stamped tag that are hand-tied to your boxed notes look super cute, they add an extra step and more cost to your fulfillment process. Plus, what happens if you get an order for 1,000 boxes? Can you get that out the door quickly?

In the stationery world, cello sleeves and clear acetate boxes are the norm for a number of reasons. Keep it simple and where there’s an industry standard, stick to what is tried and true.

Keep it On-Brand

You want your audience to immediately identify with your product and recognize that it’s your brand and product when they see it. Think about your colors, your logo, your style and include these elements on packaging. You can dress us standard packaging with custom stickers, belly bands or insert cards, all low-cost items that add personality while not adding huge steps in the fulfillment process.

Keep Costs Down

Remember that you need to factor packaging costs into your production costs. If you don’t know what it costs you to make one single item, run those numbers now. Factor in your hard costs of creating your product, your packaging costs, your time and any labor costs. Run these numbers for each type of product you sell (mugs, art prints, greeting cards, etc.) and revisit them regularly so that you know these numbers well. The higher your production costs, the lower your profit margin and we want high profit margin!

Some Resources

  • Clear Bags gives us a run-down of stationery packaging from the last 20 years, and we imagine that it will continue to develop as our industry’s needs change. How will your business meet tomorrow’s changes? Clear Bags is also a great resource for packaging.

  • GT Bag is another great resource for cello sleeves. If you need bags with flaps, they have amazing non-static strips! Let them know TSBC sent you for a discount on your first order.

  • Digital Lizard is a commercial printer offering all sorts of custom print services that work well for packaging—insert cards, belly bands and stickers.

  • Sticker Giant provides a wide range of custom sticker options for your product packaging or your shipping boxes. You can even get 20% off your offer with our coupon code: TSBC15

Try to find a balance between using packaging that mirrors your brand, makes it simple for you to fulfill and merchandises well for your retailers.


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