Tradeshow Booth Inspiration: Shana Frase



Veteran exhibitor, Shana Frase worked with a cabinet maker to build her 10x10 custom booth. Shana used clip-on lights and chose to add a Parcan this year to ensure strong lighting which enhanced product photography. Shana says it was a tough decision to rent the parcan but she's glad she did. "I am now team parCAN (& team robbing banks ;))" Her flooring is two layers - very inexpensive floor tiles with navy carpet squares on top. Shana recommends ordering more carpet tiles than you need so that everything matches if you move to a larger booth. Her company name was hand painted, framed and displayed on a gallery wall. She also used custom vinyl on the outside wall. Her table and chairs were purchased for a previous NY GIft show and reused. She shipped everything on a pallet but would have preferred to use a crate. The booth is now stored in New Jersey with Showtime. Shana's biggest piece of advice is show up early for set-up. If you finish early you can enjoy the city & rest, but thinks always come up.


WALLS: Custom Hardwall Booth

LIGHTS: 1 Parcan + Clip On Lights

FLOORING: Foam Tiles with Carpet Squares on Top

SIGNAGE: Hand Painted and Custom Vinyl

SHELVES: Built-In Shelving


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