Tradeshow Booth Inspiration: Iron Curtain Press



Iron Curtain Press returned for their second year at the National Stationery Show, exhibiting in a 80sq ft corner booth located in the low ceiling area of Javits. Rosanna and Joel built their hard walls and reused clip-on lights they purchased last year from Ikea with bright LED light bulbs. Their woodgrain foam floor tiles were purchased from Vinyl signage was used for their logo and booth numbers, which they affixed themselves. Display shelves were made out of wood purchased at Home Depot and attached to the walls using carriage bolts and wing nuts. The carriage bolts, while pricey looked really nice and the wingnuts allowed them to attach the shelves without using any tools. ICP shipped a pallet via Airways Freight, costing $425 each way from LA to Javits and back again. Rosanna warns that crates and pallets will get roughed up during transit and delivery so pack it with great care.


WALLS: Hard Walls Built in Los Angeles

LIGHTS: IKEA Clip-On Lights + LED Bulbs

FLOORING: Woodgrain Foam Floor Tiles

SIGNAGE: Custom Vinyl, Installed Themselves

SHELVES: Wood + Carriage Bolts from Home Depot


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