paper camp E-COURSE

Learn everything there is to know about selling wholesale and exhibiting at trade shows during this live 4-week online program for product based businesses.



 We've coached thousands of businesses, just like yours.

Their products can be found in Anthropologie, Target, Container Store, Starbucks, Paper Source and independent shops around the world.

new to the industry?

We'll help you get started on the right foot. We'll review industry standards for product sizing, packaging and explain why you need to be releasing new products regularly.

We'll share pricing strategies for different print methods, standard minimum order quantities (a.k.a. MOQ) and explain why you need a minimum dollar requirement for wholesale orders. The norm for the stationery world is $150 for new accounts, if you were wondering.

We'll explain how to create, refine and launch a wholesale program so that you're making a fabulous first impression.

already wholesaling?

We'll help you assess whether trade shows are a good next step for your business and walk you through every. single. detail of how to exhibit. Seriously, this section includes over 2.5 hours of amazing tips, resource and case studies, plus an hour Q&A session.

We'll provide marketing strategies to ensure you're reaching the right buyers who are the best fit for your products. A small but targeted list of contacts will lead to the most sales!

Plus, we'll make sure that you've got all your sales tools squared away so you look professional and polished.

Hands on, practical, concrete, how-to info so you can hit the ground running.

We'll teach you things you didn't even know you didn't know!

why paper camp E-Course?
from paper camp founder katie hunt

from paper camp founder katie hunt

When I started my stationery business in 2008, there were three things that slowed down my growth.

First, I didn’t understand the wholesale market.

I spent hours visiting stores, researching pricing, googling wholesale catalogs to model, creating spreadsheets with my production costs and I jumped into my first show (the National Stationery Show) 6 months after starting my business.

I did everything I could think of and was really resourceful, but I didn’t have the knowledge or experience to know that I was missing things.

Second, I didn’t have friends or mentors in the industry.

Sure, I connected with people on social media and other local artists. I even reached out to established stationery brands to see if I could take them out for coffee and ask them some questions.  But, I craved more.

I wanted people I could share resources with and ask questions without worrying I was stepping on their toes. And, because this entrepreneurial journey can feel so lonely at times, I wanted to connect with others building businesses.  I needed community.

Third, I had a hard time finding the *right* manufacturing partners and resources.

I wasted a lot of time and money test driving the wrong manufacturing partners before I found my printers & partners. I didn’t know what questions to ask, I didn’t know what pricing was good or who to even reach out to.  I made a lot of mistakes, the hard, expensive way.

But you don’t have to.

I built Paper Camp so that emerging AND experienced stationery & gift companies could avoid mistakes that myself and our other Paper Camp speakers made when we were starting and scaling our businesses.

We believe that the more we work together and share our experiences, the faster all of us will reach our individual definition of success. including you.

We share so that YOU will have a strong community to lean on, learn from and leverage. And, our collective industry will grow stronger.

Do you want to see your products lining the shelves of retail shops big and small?
Are you ready to launch or refine your wholesale program and exhibit at large wholesale trade shows?
Do you feel lonely and find yourself wishing for a support network of individuals going the same things you are?

If so, I want to personally invite you to join us for the Paper Camp E-Course kicking off September 30th!

online course for product based business and stationery designers

Paper Camp E-Course is a LIVE four-week online program for product based businesses that want to learn everything there is to know about selling wholesale, exhibiting at trade shows and reaching a wider range of wholesale accounts.

Paper Camp E-Course isn't like the other online programs where you watch videos and then implement it all on your own. Paper Camp E-Course is an experience, with flexibility and community built in.

New videos are released each Monday, we have a class Facebook group and live group coaching calls each week so you can connect with me, our guest speakers and your fellow Campers throughout the week.

I realize not everyone can make it out to California for our conference, so I want to bring the conference to you through the Paper Camp E-Course.

Read on to see what you’ll learn, how we can help you grow and how to register! But, act fast, classes start March 18th and we sell out every time!

I look forward to working with you!

warmly, katie

So, how does the Paper Camp E-course work?

Each week will include:

  • Monday: New coursework released in our online classroom. Videos, audio files & transcripts.

  • Thursdays at 4pm PT: Live video Q&A with Katie Hunt and special guests.

  • Ongoing: Discussions in our private class forum.

To get the most out of this course, you'll want to plan for 2 - 3 hours of work each week, including the calls.

We'll kick things off on September 30th and finish up October 25th.

Content will be released each week for 4 weeks. Each topic builds upon the next and we want you to have time to digest everything before we move on.

You'll complete prep work and watch videos on your own and we'll have a private forum for you to ask questions and connect with other campers.

We'll have 4 live Q&A calls and some special guests will be joining us! If you can't make the live calls, don't sweat it. You'll have time to submit questions ahead of time in our private forum and a recording will be available following the call.


paper camp e-course schedule

Week 1

Selling Wholesale

  • Developing and refining your product line for wholesale

  • Industry standards for pricing, packaging and sales strategies.

  • Minimum quantities, release schedules and more.

Goal: You'll obtain a clearer picture of whether you're ready to sell wholesale. If you need to add new products, diversify your product line or change your pricing, you'll know how to make these changes.


Week 2

Sales Tools + Sales Rep

  • Building an easy to use order form and effective catalog

  • Determining your sales terms & conditions for wholesale.

  • Road reps vs showroom reps, including sales process, commissions and how they differ.

  • Benchmarks for determining if you're ready to work with sales reps.

Goal: You'll gain confidence knowing how to present your product line professionally through your catalog and terms & conditions; to gain more sales and increase your chances of working with sales reps. 


Week 3

Booth Design & Logistics

  • Designing a booth that mirrors your brand and fits your budget.

  • Comprehensive overview of ALL booth components - walls, floors, lighting, displays - including options & resources.

  • Pros & cons of sharing a booth

  • Budgeting and planning tips.

Goal: You'll hone in on whether exhibiting is right for you and you'll be ready to tackle your booth design and build. 


Week 4

Marketing & Customer Outreach

  • Building a mailing list that focuses on finding the right stores for your products.

  • Buying preferences of retailers including when, what and how they buy.

  • How and when retailers like to be contacted. How much follow-up is too much?

  • Marketing strategies for reaching retailers including pre-show mailers from our alumni.

  • Industry awards, with suggestions on where to spend your money.

  • Best practices + common mistakes when pitching the media.

  • Audio recording of an Interview with Sarah Schwartz of The Paper Chronicles and Stationery Trends Magazine

  • Video recording includes feedback from Heather Haynie of Rock Paper Scissors and Samantha Finigan of Gus & Ruby Letterpress. 


Join us by registering below!

 Please choose your payment option below. For payment plans, the first payment will be due upon enrolling
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The Paper Camp E-Course also includes:

What’s included with my registration?

  • Over 8 hours of video & audio coursework that you'll complete on your own

  • 4 LIVE video Q&A calls with Katie Hunt & guest experts

  • Downloadable worksheets & resources available every week

  • Private class forum for everyone to ask questions & connect throughout the program

Plus these
  • Extra interviews with Paper Camp speakers & alums

  • Special discounts on products & services only available to Paper Camp Alumni

  • Access to our coveted Paper Camp Vendor Directory at the end of the course

  • Access to our Paper Camp Alumni forum after the end of the course for ongoing support

Payment plans are available.

Space is limited and we sell out every session. Snag your seat!


Store owners WANT to work with Paper Camp ALUMS

audrey woollen_round.png

I can tell right away who has done Paper Camp based on how easy it is to order. Your alums know what they are doing and make it easy for me to place orders.

Audrey Woollen, Urbanic



Whenever we are looking for fresh new products for Sweet Paper, we check out the #TSBCalum hashtag on Instagram. It gives us direct visual access to a specific group of new and emerging designers who are professional and understand the stationery business. I know my experience with any alum of Paper Camp will be seamless!

Julie O'Brien, Sweet Paper


Young companies entering the stationery industry are more professional and prepared now -- in large part to Tradeshow Bootcamp! Thank you!

Samantha Finigan, Gus & Ruby Letterpress


Join us by registering below!

 Please choose your payment option below. For payment plans, the first payment will be due upon enrolling
and then your credit card will be automatically charged 30 days later.


Feedback from Paper Camp Alums:


Paper Camp is a must-do for any aspiring stationer. I couldn’t have made a better investment in my business! Not only was it informative and practical, it also gave me a ton of inspiration and drive to take my business to the next level.

Cara Underwood, Underwood Letterpress


As a small business one of the hardest challenges we face is deciding how we’d like to invest our funds. TSBC was by far one of the best investments we’ve made!

Genina Ramirez, LowCountry Paper Co.


Katie and all of the other speakers are so candid about their experiences and so willing to help on any and all levels, whatever a student’s specific goals may be. I am beyond thrilled to be included in the Paper Camp community.

Adam Smith, Life is Funny


Join us for the Paper Camp E-Course if you want to:

  • See your products in stores big and small

  • Make a great first impression when you launch your wholesale line

  • Establish a reputation as polished and professional

  • Have support preparing for your wholesale trade shows

  • Learn what works and what doesn't from the pros

  • Know that your business has a solid foundation for moving forward

  • Immerse yourself in a community of industry colleagues


your instructor

Katie Hunt is the founder of Proof to Product and Tradeshow Bootcamp, a podcast host, a business strategist, and mentor to product based business owners. Since 2011, Katie's conferences, online courses and coaching programs have helped more than 850 brands successfully launch their wholesale programs and exhibit at tradeshows. Brands you'll find on the shelves of stores like Target, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters and boutiques internationally.

Katie has taught classes for CreativeLive, The Savvy Experience, Seanwes Conference, Be Sage Conference, Unique Camp, and Makers Nation. She frequently speaks about strategies for creating a product line, selling wholesale, exhibiting at trade shows, business planning and the importance of community for entrepreneurs.

Katie has been where you are now. She started her stationery business in late 2008 and blindly jumped into selling wholesale within 6 months, exhibited at the National Stationery Show in 2009 as her launching point. She sold her products to retail, wholesale and custom markets -- with wholesale being the bulk of her business.

Whether you're brand new to business or you've been at it a while, she'll offer support and strategies to help you reach your goals.

frequently asked questions

+ What is the format of this course?

This is primarily an independent study course featuring video and audio recordings and downloadable bonus materials. There will be 4 live Q&A office hours and group coaching through a private online forum.

+ Can my business partner and I share our login?

No, tickets to the Paper Camp E-course are sold individually and are not transferrable or shareable. Only those registered for the course will be admitted into our classroom forum and our all alumni forum at the conclusion of the course.

+ Will this course include vendor recommendations?

Yes! We'll share vendor resources for printers, packaging supplies, booth vendors and a number of other suppliers. The vendor directory is one of our most coveted benefits of being a Paper Camp student. All students will receive access to the full vendor directory upon completing the course when they join our All Alumni private forum.

+ How long do I have access to the course?

For as long as we offer it! After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

+ When does the course start and finish?

We'll start on Monday, September 30th and finish on Friday, October 25th.

+ How are the weeks structured?

Mondays: New content released online.
Thursdays: Office hours with Katie Hunt & special guests.
Ongoing: Support in the online forum.

+ Do I get access to the Paper Camp Alumni forum if I enroll in this course?

Yes, at the end of the E-Course all attendees will be invited to join our Paper Camp alumni forum which has been a very active group since 2011. It's where we continue to support one another long after Paper Camp ends.

+ Are Payment Plans available?

Yes! We offer payment plans for all ticket options. Payment plans include an administrative fee. If you choose to pay with the 2 payment plan, your credit card will be billed for the second payment 30 days after registration. If you chose to pay with the 3 payment plan, your credit card will be billed upon registration, then 30 and 60 days following registration.

+ How is this e-course different than your in-person Paper Camp?

Much of the content is the same as our in-person program, but the e-course provides flexibility to participate from home and to revisit online coursework when you need it.

+ Do I get a copy of the Paper Camp workbook with this course?

No, Paper Camp E-Course students do not receive a printed copy or digital copy of our physical workbook. You will, however, have access to many of the worksheets, handouts and resource guides online.

+ Do you offer group discounts?

We do offer discounts if more than one person from a company attends Paper Camp E-Course. Please email for more information.

+ What are your terms of service?

By enrolling in this course, you have read and agree to the terms & conditions detailed at Some of the highlights: You will not distribute this course in part or in its entirety. This includes, but is not limited to, distributing information through blog posts, e-books, courses, worksheets or coaching sessions. Courses are sold individually (to one person) and are not shareable or transferrable. Sharing course login, recordings or worksheets is prohibited and your access to the course will be immediately revoked. Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds are available. That being said, we know life happens. If you run into a problem, please email All course materials are copyright Tradeshow Bootcamp LLC, 2019.