014 | Overseas manufacturing with Heather Harris, Copper Bottom Design

Heather Harris, Copper Bottom Design Co.

TSBC Alum, Heather Harris has been designing day planners and desk products since 2004 for clients including momAgenda, Barney’s, Brooks Brothers, and Tiffany & Co. In 2015, she branched out on her own to start Copper Bottom Design Co. where she and her team help product based businesses with design, proofreading and overseas production. On today’s episode, we’re talking how to know if you’re ready for overseas manufacturing, common errors people make when creating day planners and how her past experiences and skills have led her to create a thriving, enriching business for herself.


  • Heather’s rich background in the industry & what led her to starting Copper Bottom Design Co.

  • Manufacturing overseas & what the process looks like

  • How she helps product makers manufacture overseas

  • Fears surrounding manufacturing overseas

  • Benchmarks or metrics to determine if manufacturing overseas is right for you

  • Common mistakes she sees when people create day planners

  • What’s upcoming for Copper Bottom Design Co.

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“There are strategic reasons for choosing overseas manufacturing”– Heather Harris

“When I went out on my own it was lonely. Then I met the Paper Camp community and I craved a team again.”– Heather Harris

“Manufacturing overseas is just like getting ready to hire an employee. You’re at a certain point where you’ve grown so much that you can’t handle it anymore, and you’re looking to outsource.”– Heather Harris

“Ask for samples. You can’t create a product without seeing it.”– Heather Harris


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