015 | Inspiration for creating new products with Allison Brennan & Jessica Tree, The Social Type

Allison Brennan & Jessica Tree, The Social Type

TSBC Alums, Allison Brennan & Jessica Tree are the owners of The Social Type. They launched their foil-pressed greeting card line in 2010 and have since expanded into other gift categories including their very popular matchboxes. On this episode, Jess and Allison talk about their inspiration for creating new products, how they split responsibilities as business partners and we talk about the importance of slow, but steady growth in business.


  • Life before The Social Type and how they decided to create the business

  • How they balance responsibilities as business partners

  • How she helps product makers manufacture overseas

  • How they strive to differentiate themselves in the market

  • Overcoming issues with their match boxes

  • Deciding how much product to order & discontinuing products

  • Opening their retail storefront

  • Their advice for other entrepreneurs

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“We’re constantly searching for something that’s unique and different to set us apart from everybody else.”– Jessica Tree

“We’re always working on quality and making our products better and better.”– Jessica Tree

“Initially we tend to order a bit lower to see how a product does and then when we know they sell really well, our quantities get larger.”– Jessica Tree

“We’ve learned our lesson, too. Not every product sells.”– Allison Brennan

“Our brand has grown and we’ve developed an aesthetic. Some of thes tuff we designed five years ago doesn’t fit anymore.”– Jessica Tree

“Literally, just go for it. Start.”– Jessica Tree [on offering advice to entrepreneurs]

“You don’t have to kill yourself but at the same time if you want to get from point A to B it requires hard work and some late nights.”– Allison Brennan


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