016 | How to pitch your products to retailers with Shayna Norwood, Steel Petal Press

Shayna Norwood, Steel Petal Press

TSBC Alumni, Shayna Norwood of Steel Petal Press owns the letterpress studio and retail storefront based in Chicago. Shayna started Steel Petal Press in 2008 as a side hustle and it became her full time gig in 2010. In 2016, she opened her flagship retail shop selling her own products as well as stationery and office goods from other independent brands.

On today’s episode, Shayna shares how she manages both a wholesale business and a retail storefront, the challenges she’s faced while growing her business and her advice to designers who are pitching their products to wholesale buyers.


  • The start of Steel Petal Press as a side hustle

  • Feature in Daily Candy & faking it til you make it

  • Her first year at the National Stationery Show & exhibiting with Ladies of Letterpress

  • How opening up the retail shop was a happy accident

  • Managing both sides of her business & the challenges they cause

  • Shayna’s team and the roles they fill

  • Merchandising the store & learning to buy for the store

  • Advice for people pitching retail stores

  • How much follow up is too much

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“When you’re at the National Stationery Show, you really need to stand out in certain ways.”– Shayna Norwood

“I have to be really intentional about setting aside time to work on the wholesale side of the business.”– Shayna Norwood

“I have learned to trust my instincts.”– Shayna Norwood

“Do your research. Be as prepared as possible for any situation before you go into it”– Shayna Norwood


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