017 | Finding your unique voice in your products with Rosanna Kvernmo, Iron Curtain Press

Rosanna Kvernmo, Iron Curtain Press

TSBC alumni, Rosanna Kvernmo is the owner of Iron Curtain Press, a letterpress studio in Los Angeles. In the spring of 2016, she and her husband, Joel, also opened Shorthand, a little store specializing in beautiful supplies for your desk.

On today’s episode, Rosanna and I talk about her experience as both a wholesaler & a store owner, product development and finding your unique voice in your products and business.


  • The start of Iron Curtain Press as a side business making invitations for her friends

  • Lessons she learned in the first several years of business

  • Refining the services offered by Iron Curtain Press

  • Rosanna’s experience in the retail space as both a wholesaler & a store owner

  • Her advice for people pitching retail stores

  • Opening her retail shop, Shorthand

  • The types of products sold at Shorthand and where Rosanna finds them

  • The National Stationery Show

  • Planning & launching new product lines

  • The importance of knowing why you are adding a new product

  • Understanding that every business is unique & finding your own voice

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“It’s important for people to remember that they are in control, that they set the rules for their business and if something’s not quite working the way they want it to, they can pivot and change gears and make those decisions.”– Katie Hunt

“Here’s the bare bones honest truth, as a person with a store like mine, that when you add product categories in a hurry and haven’t thought through what it is, it’s pretty apparent to me on my end.”– Rosanna Kvernmo

“If you’re going to invest in something and go into a new product category, you need to do your homework.”– Katie Hunt

“With my very small business, every decision that I make really matters. The passion behind what I do is what makes my business stand out from a mass market store.”– Rosanna Kvernmo

“No two people, no two companies are going to make the same decisions. Their paths are going to be different.”– Rosanna Kvernmo

“But I think finding your voice is really important because that’s the quickest killer to your line, is being too similar to anybody else.”– Rosanna Kvernmo


Website: Iron Curtain Press | Website: Shorthand | Facebook: @ironcurtainpress | Facebook: @shopshorthand | Instagram: @ironcurtainpress | Instagram: @shopshorthand

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