018 | Refueling with business retreats with Bryn Chernoff, Paperfinger

Bryn Chernoff, Paperfinger

Today’s guest, TSBC alum, Bryn Chernoff is the owner, calligrapher and creative director of Paperfinger. Paperfinger offers a range of distinctive and elegant contemporary calligraphy for weddings, events, branding & design. Bryn also teaches calligraphy on Skillshare and in workshops across the country. Bryn’s work has been featured in numerous publications including Martha Stewart Wedding, Real Simple, Esquire and Brides to name a few.

During this episode we talk about transitioning from a day job into your business full time, finding your unique voice and point of view when creating your work and how business retreats are a great way to refuel and find clarity in your business.


  • Bryn’s interest in calligraphy & how she got started

  • Transitioning to a part-time day job to allow for more margin to work on Paperfinger

  • Creating and building up her portfolio

  • How her product & service offerings have expanded using her skill set

  • Her advice on how to handle a client asking for something that does not fit with your style or artistic direction

  • Bryn’s courses on Skillshare

  • Her ready-made, semi-custom collection available to her clients and how she pivoted to make it more successful

  • Bryn’s philosophy on retreats

  • How she defines success in her business

  • Her advice to those who want to turn channel their love of calligraphy into a business

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“Unless you really want to get asked to do it, don’t make that, and put that up on your website.”– Bryn Chernoff

“There’s nothing in it for me, I feel like I’ve ruled out a lot of things that are not worth it at all anymore, which is doing something that doesn’t feel like it’s coming from me, or Paperfinger authentically.”– Bryn Chernoff

“If you’re just starting out and there’s things that you don’t want to be doing in your business, find a way to say no, but in a way that truly articulates your why’s, and gives them a reason behind it.””– Katie Hunt

“Most solo business owners like being boss, so you like your ideas, and you like that you get to make all of the decisions. But, I really had to practice just getting some more input. Actually getting more perspectives on what I’m doing, because I think I can get a little lost in my own little vacuum of ideas.”– Bryn Chernoff

“I felt a deep craving for a pause on the daily grind, and that there were all these questions that I literally just couldn’t answer for myself and the business, unless I stepped out of the routine.”– Bryn Chernoff

“If you’re not in touch with why you’re doing it, one of the main things I like to do, is to stop and make myself examine what is the point? What am I doing this for?”– Bryn Chernoff

“I feel like a retreat seems like something reserved for a big company, and there’s so much we need to do to allow ourselves to feel legitimate, even if you’re one person, you know. You’re still a business.”– Bryn Chernoff

“Feeling pride about the kind of work that’s going out there makes me feel successful.”– Bryn Chernoff

“I love being the boss.”– Bryn Chernoff


Website: Paperfinger | Facebook: @paperfinger | Instagram: @paperfinger

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