089 | Freedom versus stability with Rachael Hetzel, Pistachio Press and Briana Feola, Brainstorm (Part 1)

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This week I’m sitting down for a special two-part interview with two incredible entrepreneurs – Rachael Hetzel of Pistachio Press and Briana Feola of Brainstorm. Both have been on the podcast before to share their startup stories and I’m really excited to have them both back to shine a spotlight on what it means to keep things small and intentional as business owners and still grow in revenue and creativity.

Rachael Hetzel is the owner of Pistachio Press, a boutique letterpress printing and design studio based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Founded in 2007, Pistachio Press produces a wholesale line of sweet and slightly snarky stationery products that are sold nationally and internationally. Pistachio Press also creates social invitations, business stationery, and prints commercially for a variety of clients. If you want to hear Rachael’s start-up story, head back to check out Episode 11.

Briana Feola is the co-owner of Brainstorm, a print shop and collaborative design studio working from a historic mill in Dover, New Hampshire. Brainstorm is rooted in the production of original art prints inspired by science, nature, and the outdoors. They design for people and companies that appreciate the creative process, enjoy collaboration, and want to make something tangible in an increasingly digital world. Briana and her husband, Jason Snyder shared their co-founding story back on Episode 8,so put that one on your listening list too!

Today is Part 1 of my interview with Rachael and Briana. On this episode, we talk about freedom versus stability, why there is pressure to keep up with the Joneses and why we can’t worry what others are doing. We also talk about overcoming FOMO, letting go of constantly optimizing and not being afraid to stick to what works best for your business.

On Part 2 which will air on Thursday, we’re talking about why bigger doesn’t always mean better, knowing your why and communicating your company’s core values so that you’re attracting the right type of clients, customers, and team members.


  • Misconceptions about being an entrepreneur

  • The difference between expanding and burning out

  • What finding homeostasis in life does for business

  • How saying “yes” teaches you when to say “no”

  • The reason you should trust your gut instinct

  • How business decisions come down to relationships

  • Finding your business balance

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“There’s a stigma for entrepreneurs that there’s just endless pursuit of growth. Like that’s the answer.” – Briana Feola

“Everything in our life just seemed to kind of come together when we made freedom a priority.” – Briana Feola

“We actually say that it’s lifestyle versus bottom line. So we’re trying to maintain this lifestyle of simplicity because it’s a choice.” – Briana Feola

“I think it is being flexible in order to see what the opportunities are and I’m able to make things because I’m the maker in small quantities.” – Rachael Hetzel

“I’d like to say I’m trying to honor my revisionist nature and looking at everything that we do on a day to day basis and get really good at making decisions quickly.” – Rachael Hetzel

“I don’t want that empire. I just want my own little piece of whatever my bliss or happiness happens to be.” – Rachael Hetzel

“We’ve tasted a little bit of everything because we’ve stayed so small, we’ve been able to be nimble so we could try lots of things.” – Briana Feola

“You get those experiences so that hopefully down the road you can learn when to say no to things and to maybe figure out what your personal ideals would be. ” – Rachael Hetzel

“For me it comes down to, is this a one time thing or is it going to be an ongoing partnership?” – Rachael Hetzel

“It’s just something that comes with time and just experience. You learn and then you adapt and then you’re able to say yes or no based on those things. ” – Briana Feola

“We’re micro businesses and our businesses tend to be wrapped up in our identities and they’re part of our life. And so for me, business decisions are also lifestyle decisions.” – Rachael Hetzel


Website: Pistachio Press | Instagram: @pistachiopress | Facebook: @pistachiopress | Twitter: @pistachiopress


Website: Brainstorm | Instagram: @wearebrainstorm | Facebook: @wearebrainstorm | Twitter: @wearebrainstorm

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