88 | Email Sequences, Sales Funnels and Facebook Ads with Zoë Scharf from Greetabl

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Zoë Scharf is the Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer at Greetabl, a totally unique gifting service that makes it fun and easy to send creative personal gifts. You might remember Zoë from Episode 50 where she shared her start-up story. If you want to hear more about how Greetabl started and the process of seeking angel investors, I recommend checking out that episode. Today we’re shifting gears though and geeking out on marketing strategies, tactics and how Zoe and the greetabl team make customer experience a top priority.

On this episode, Zoe gets granular telling us how Greetabl uses segmenting to add value to their customer experience. She talks about email sequences, sales funnels through Facebook ads and why Greetable is choosing to optimize select marketing channels rather than spreading themselves thin. We also talk about discovering and engaging with new audiences and even drop in a few trade secrets.


  • The importance of genuine interaction with customers

  • Why Greetabl isn’t afraid of emojis

  • How to identify and speak to new segment groups

  • Her tips for differentiating audiences

  • How Greetabl uses email flows to see what’s working and what’s not

  • Creative ways to upsell and add value

  • The pros and cons of hiring outside ad agencies

  • What Greetabl is launching next

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“It’s always better if people can understand that there are human beings behind the products that they enjoy” – Zoë Scharf

“We’re not afraid of emojis, we’re not afraid of saying weird acronyms. We throw a LILAS in there every now and then because we do love our customers like a sis.” – Zoë Scharf

“Every time that we identify sort of a different segment or group within our main target demographic, we always try to make sure that we’re talking to them too and the way that they want to be spoken to.” – Zoë Scharf

“Trying to figure out how to really provide the value that people want in the places that they want is an ongoing kind of challenge for us.” – Zoë Scharf

“We offer people 10% off their first order when they sign up for our welcome flow, or for our emails. We don’t say sign up for our welcome flow.” – Zoë Scharf

“It’s not really pushing, like buy, buy, buy. It’s more like get to know us, get to know our brand.”– Zoë Scharf

“If you’ve bought from us once, the first email you’ll get, besides the shipping confirmation or an order confirmation, is a thank you email and it’s literally just … it’s for fun. It’s just a GIF of our entire team high-fiving.” – Zoë Scharf

“We consider customer happiness to be our number one marketing tool.” – Zoë Scharf

“I’ve learned over time that spreading ourselves out too thin is just not the way that we’re able to do it.” – Zoë Scharf

“I’d rather get really good at two or three channels and be diverse enough that we’re not completely reliant on one channel but also be focused enough that we can do a good job.” – Zoë Scharf

“I don’t know if I’m doing the best job that anyone could ever do, but we’re doing better than we did with a lot of the agencies and we’re not spending money on them. Right now that’s what makes sense.” – Zoë Scharf


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