090 | Bigger doesn't mean better with Rachael Hetzel, Pistachio Press and Briana Feola, Brainstorm (Part 2)

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Today is Part 2 of a two-part interview with Rachael Hetzel of Pistachio Press, and Briana Feola of Brainstorm. On Part 1, which was Episode 89, we talked about freedom versus stability, keeping up with the Joneses and overcoming FOMO. If you missed it, I’d recommend heading back to listen to that one first because today we dive into the details of communication, team dynamics, and client and customer relationships, and much more!

On Part 2, Rachael and Briana share their thoughts on why bigger doesn’t always mean better, knowing your why and communicating your company’s core values so that you’re attracting the right type of clients, customers, and team members. We also talk about not being afraid to revise your business vision, focusing on projects that align with your ethos and hiring for an overall skill set rather than specific ability.

Rachael and Briana have been on the podcast before to share their startup stories. Rachael Hetzel is the owner of Pistachio Press, a boutique letterpress printing and design studio based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Pistachio Press produces a wholesale line of sweet and slightly snarky stationery products that are sold nationally and internationally. Pistachio Press also creates social invitations, business stationery, and prints commercially for a variety of clients. If you want to hear Rachael’s start-up story, head back to check out Episode 11.

Briana Feola is the co-owner of Brainstorm, a print shop and collaborative design studio working from a historic mill in Dover, New Hampshire. Brainstorm is rooted in the production of original art prints inspired by science, nature, and the outdoors. They design for people and companies that appreciate the creative process, enjoy collaboration, and want to make something tangible in an increasingly digital world. Briana and her husband, Jason Snyder shared their co-founding story back on Episode 8, so put that one on your listening list too!


  • The truth about staying small

  • How to get better at saying no to hiring

  • The intricacies of inviting new employees into your creative space

  • Honoring your strengths and opportunities as a manager

  • The benefits of metrics and benchmarks

  • Why it’s important to find a system that works for you

  • The pros and cons of being your own boss

  • Finding sustainability and satisfaction within

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“It’s very difficult to explain our vision, and our life as an art piece to somebody who just sees it as a business. It’s just different.” – Briana Feola

“I’ve had multiple right arms of my business, and I try to separate out roles, but it works best for me to have someone that can do all aspects of the business.” – Rachael Hetzel

“After 10 years of doing this I know when to say no and this isn’t a job I can do. Actually, it’s not a job I want to do.” – Rachael Hetzel

“Our internal values that we have of my family comes first, and all these different things that are important to me. I think we need to be communicating them in our brand messaging out into the world, to customers and clients.” – Katie Hunt

“We do projects when they’re fun and if it fits with our schedule … if it fits within what we are capable of doing, and if we could do it really well.” – Briana Feola

“I would respect somebody for saying no, because I know that that was probably a difficult decision for them to make.” – Katie Hunt

“We’re not out to blanket the world in our products.” – Briana Feola

“It’’s hard to say no for yourself in some of those circumstances because there is pressure to bend, there is pressure to maybe go against your priorities, and your values for the business too.” – Katie Hunt

“Ultimately it does comes down to gut instinct, and gut feeling, and whether or not we really want to do it.” – Briana Feola

“When I’m doing strategic planning for my business I’m not just looking at the numbers…I’m also looking at what’s the time commitment that is going to be required of me. What’s my excitement level for this project?” – Katie Hunt

“Being deliberate is one of the biggest things, and staying true to who you are.” – Rachael Hetzel


Website: Pistachio Press | Instagram: @pistachiopress | Facebook: @pistachiopress | Twitter: @pistachiopress


Website: Brainstorm | Instagram: @wearebrainstorm | Facebook: @wearebrainstorm | Twitter: @wearebrainstorm

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