075 | Shifting from wholesale to licensing with Shelley Seguinot, I'm Inkpressed

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TSBC alum, Shelley Seguinot began her creative journey in 2013 when she opened I’m Inkpressed, a wholesale stationery company specializing in children’s products. As the paper industry evolved and she saw the digital market expanding, she adjusted her business to focused her effort on the art licensing world. She now licenses her art to various companies that put her work on a wide range of products.

On today’s episode, Shelley shares how she left a 20-year career in law enforcement to start her businesses. She tells us how she got her first licensing deal, fears she had when she first started licensing her art and why it’s so valuable to find mentors and community if licensing is something you want to pursue for your business.


  • Shelley’s career path prior to starting her stationery business

  • How she knew she wanted to jump into her business full-time

  • When she realized licensing was a potential revenue source for her

  • Her first licensing deal

  • The fears she had surrounding licensing her art

  • The process of licensing artwork

  • When she transitioned her business to solely licensing work

  • How she makes it easier for people to see her work & the importance of seeking out companies for licensing opportunities

  • The buying seasons for licensing art

  • Whether she likes working within parameters or having freedom and flexibility in her work

  • What a buyout is versus a limited buyout

  • The industry standard price ranges

  • Shelley’s favorite licensing project

  • Her advice to someone just getting started in licensing

  • The common misconceptions around licensing

  • What’s next for Shelley

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“I just don’t mind putting myself out there and speaking to people and just digging in and getting to the root of things.” – Shelley Seguinot

“I saw a big change in the paper industry. Everything was starting to go digital.” – Shelley Seguinot

“This affords me the opportunity to still make money while I’m mostly just producing art.” – Shelley Seguinot

“For artists like myself who aren’t represented by an agent, you really have to go out there and seek these companies.” – Shelley Seguinot

“It’s a lot of follow up. It’s just about building a relationship, because there’s a lot of artists and they have a lot of places where they can go and buy their art.” – Shelley Seguinot

“I like freedom. I definitely like freedom because I have a color problem.” – Shelley Seguinot

“Everyone has their own model and not everything’s licensing. A lot of them just want to buy the art outright.” – Shelley Seguinot

“Once you’re in front of the customer, you really just have to wing it and come up with your own. You have to price out how attached you are to the art.” – Shelley Seguinot

“I’m one of those diehard snail mail people, so I know that paper is where my heart is at. It’s what gave me my start. So, designing greeting cards and designing invitations is still my passion.” – Shelley Seguinot

“The best money you could ever spend if you’re trying to make it in that industry is just get someone to give you professional advice.” – Shelley Seguinot

“It takes a lot of research. It’s a lot of making connections and building that community and finding people to guide you.” – Shelley Seguinot


Website: Shelley Seguinot | Instagram: @iminkpressed


Website: Blueprint | Pinterest: Ronnie Walter | Instagram: Shelley’s Skillshare Courses

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