076 | Creating an independent location business with Kaye Putnam

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Kaye Putnam is a psychology-driven brand strategist for entrepreneurs. Through work with hundreds of clients from global brands to solo business owners, she developed The Clarity Code. She believes that When you have a clear brand, that your clients love and respect, they will be willing to pay premium prices for your work. Kaye believes that a strong brand gives you the clarity and confidence to scale your impact and income. When she’s not transforming brands, she’s exploring the world with her husband and two little ones. They love eating their way across their home of Naples, Italy.

On today’s episode, we talk about key components of a strong brand, how Kaye has created a location independent business and she shares a branding exercise that you can do right now!


  • A misconception that online business owners have about branding

  • How Kaye helps clients define their unique brand advantage

  • How she works with companies to figure out their “why” and the meaning behind what they’re doing

  • What key components that go into creating a strong brand

  • The common fears she sees among her clients

  • The challenges Kaye faced early on in her business

  • How her brand culture impacts her hiring decisions

  • How moving every few years has impacted her business and how she works with her clients

  • Kaye’s experience with transitions and how she handles things when they don’t go as planned

  • The things Kaye tells people to take a look at first and foremost to strengthen their brand

  • What’s next for Kaye

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“Instead of trying to mold your brand or mold your business into what you thinking that the market wants from you, it’s actually much, much more productive to first figure out who you are at your best, at your strongest.” – Kaye Putnam

“Let’s name your strength so that you can step into it, and own it.” – Kaye Putnam

“You want to build your brand on a truth not trend.” – Kaye Putnam

“When you’re building a brand, you’re building a long-term relationship with your clients and customers.” – Kaye Putnam

“It’s a feedback loop where you’re putting stuff out into the market, you’re getting responses from the market, and then you’re continually getting better and better being your brand.” – Kaye Putnam

“Once we’re consistent and cohesive and compelling, then people start to pay attention.” – Kaye Putnam

“Scale has always been my arch nemesis, and it’s actually where my focus is now.” – Kaye Putnam

“Figure out what that higher order movement is behind your brand and that’s what also gets your team really excited about building this bigger thing.” – Kaye Putnam

“We’ve been traveling all over Europe for the last couple of years, two toddlers in tow, because this business is set up this way.” – Kaye Putnam

“I’ve had times in my business where I’m really focusing on the business and then you also need to have times where you’re really just focusing on life.” – Kaye Putnam

“There’s a lot to be said for building up your own website or creating the blog post because you own that space, it’s not at the mercy of algorithms or Facebook rules or whatever it might be.” – Kaye Putnam

“I think people are fearful of repelling people that aren’t the right fit but really, it just enables you to take to the right people more clearly and speak to their needs better.” – Kaye Putnam


Website: Kaye Putnam | Instagram: @kayeputnam | Facebook: @marketingkaye | Pinterest: @kayeputnam


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