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This is Part 3 of our three-part series exploring Proof to Product’s exciting new rebrand. On Part 1, which was Episode 101, guest host Caroline Hull and I talked about why I decided to change my business name from Tradeshow Bootcamp to Proof to Product. On Part 2, we dove into the logistics, business formation, legal decisions, and building out the new website. If you missed those two episodes, I encourage you to head back and listen to 101 and 102 first!

On today’s episode, Caroline and I are breaking things down to talk about the marketing plan. Specifically, how we rolled out the new site and the news about the Proof to Product name change.

Our audience has been such an important part of this process, and I’m so excited to share all of these new changes with you. I hope you enjoy Part 3 of this three-part series and be sure to check out our new online home at prooftoproduct.com!


  • How to communicate a big business change to your audience

  • Why Katie decided it was important to tell alumni first

  • Creating the I Am Proof to Product Campaign

  • Identifying and marketing high impact programs

  • Doing fewer things better

  • Why Katie is offering more free content

  • Storytelling instead of selling

  • How to join the #iamprooftoproduct celebration  

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“It's a celebration of our community that we're all growing up because we are all growing up together.” - Katie Hunt

“Proof to Product brand is not just about me. It's about all of us.” - Katie Hunt

“I love in-person events, I love live classes where people are on live and asking their questions and we have the back and forth collaboration and conversation about it.” - Katie Hunt

“I want to make sure that we're putting our time and attention into the things that are making the biggest impact for our community and allowing me to serve them the best.” - Katie Hunt

“I want to show that we're just growing up, we're tightening things so that we can do a better job.” - Katie Hunt

“Everyone should go back to the beginning and look at why they’re doing what they’re doing because it really will help shape what you do moving forward.” - Caroline Hull

“Highlighting our community members is truly what we're all about.” - Katie Hunt

“I want to just give. I want to give, give, give, give, give as much as we possibly can to our audience.” - Katie Hunt

“We just want people to tell friends. We want people to go sign up for the new options that we have, watch the videos we have, really engage with what we built.” - Katie Hunt

“If my story can help somebody else, that's what I'm here for. That's the whole reason I do this podcast and why we do the programming that we do.” - Katie Hunt


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Connect with Katie Hunt

Katie Hunt is a business strategist, podcaster, mentor and mama to four. She helps product based businesses build profitable, sustainable companies through her conferences, courses and coaching programs.

Website: prooftoproduct.com  |   Instagram: @prooftoproduct

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