010 | Slow, strategic team building with Erin Ozer, Knot & Bow

Erin Ozer, Knot & Bow

Erin Ozer is the owner of Knot & Bow. Erin got her start on Etsy in 2010 and has had tremendous, but organic growth, over the last seven years. Her stationery, gift wrap and party goods can be found in more than 1500 retail shops around the world, including Paper Source, Anthropologie, Container Store, and Hallmark just to name a few. On this episode Erin talks about her humble beginnings, manufacturing challenges she experienced, and how she slowly but strategically added members to her team.


  • Building a business while staying home with the kids and with $200

  • Starting on Etsy

  • Adding new products to the line

  • Utilizing customer feedback in product development

  • Manufacturing challenges as Knot & Bow grew

  • Picking & choosing which products to move forward with

  • Expanding to wholesale

  • Selling to Terrain — her first wholesale order!

  • Selling wholesale before doing trade shows

  • Working with Sales Reps

  • Hiring her first employee & growing her team

  • Hiring Process & having an operations manual

  • Knot & Bow retail shop & selling retail vs selling wholesale

  • What’s next for Knot & Bow

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“It is always a challenge to bring new product to the market and be innovative in some way but you also have a budget and spatial constraints to take into account”– Erin Ozer

“Housing 1000 greeting cards is one thing. Housing 1000 plates is a totally different thing.”– Erin Ozer

“The numbers can get really, really big with custom manufacturing sometimes and it can be tough when you’re really small.”– Erin Ozer

“The wholesale side of our business grew pretty dramatically when we first signed with reps.”– Erin Ozer


Website: Knot & Bow | Facebook: @knotandbow | Twitter: @knotandbow

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