011 | Mindset shifts as a creative business owner with Rachael Hetzel, Pistachio Press

Rachael Hetzel, Pistachio Press

Rachael Hetzel is the owner of Pistachio Press, a boutique letterpress printing and design studio based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Founded in 2007, Pistachio Press produces a wholesale line of sweet and slightly snarky stationery products that are sold nationally and internationally. Pistachio Press also creates social invitations, business stationery, and prints commercially for a variety of clients. She’s been a Tradeshow Bootcamp speaker since 2011 and is an excellent teacher and mentor for creative entrepreneurs. On today’s episode Rachael and I dish about mindset shifts that come with more experience as a business owner, juggling running a business with small children in tow and why we feel it is important to give back to our industry.


  • Pistachio Press turns 10 this year!

  • Transitioning from custom work into wholesale

  • Trouble-shooting & being flexible

  • Moving her business across states

  • Having a baby and how it changed her workflow

  • Making time for work & family

  • Setting boundaries about the work we say yes or no to

  • Avoiding comparison

  • Goal-setting

  • Why it is important to give back to our industry

  • Benefits of sitting down & talking about your business with others

  • Everyone has different stories & experiences to share

  • Running a small business is hard, but rewarding

  • Rachael’s advice: research, flexibility and set goals

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“I think you still have energy and excitement for whatever you’re doing. You can weather all of those initial storms with starting something new when you don’t know everything about it and you’re still“– Rachael Hetzel

“Having the baby, I now have a much better work life balance. I know that I’m in the studio and I need to focus and then when I’m home, I’m home.”-Rachael Hetzel

“I can structure my life the way I want it to go, instead of trying to keep up with the ball that’s already rolling.”– Rachael Hetzel

“I needed to set real goals so that I would know when I was hitting them, other than just having this loose idea of what success meant.”– Rachael Hetzel

“I remember that feeling of not knowing anything, or feeling like I didn’t know anything that I was doing. I want others to know that you don’t have to know.”-Rachael Hetzel

“Having that time to even just sit down with someone and talk about why you make things, helps you solidify things in your own mind.”– Rachael Hetzel

“I want people to understand that there’s no straight line in business. We all are making our own decisions based on our own circumstances.”– Katie Hunt

“As hard as small business is and running these businesses are, it’s so rewarding.”– Katie Hunt

“Having flexibility is probably the biggest key to having a business.”– Rachael Hetzel

“Do your research, be flexible, and set your goals”– Rachael Hetzel

“I had no idea where this business would go when I started it. I think being a little naïve is a good thing.”– Rachael Hetzel


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