006 | Sticking to your core values in product development with Katie Wilson, The Good Twin

Katie Wilson, The Good Twin

Katie Wilson is the owner of The Good Twin, a stationery company known for its playful illustrations and hand-rendered type. Katie’s story is a unique one in that The Good Twin is her second successful business in the stationery industry. On today’s episode, Katie and I will talk about the pros and cons of being ahead of trends, the importance of slow sustainable growth and why we should never ever compare ourselves to other people’s businesses.


  • Katie’s story & how she started The Good Twin

  • Reflecting on brands that came before her in the stationery industry

  • Getting back to the night time hustle of designing

  • Winning the Paper Camp scholarship

  • Exhibiting at NSS was a big scary unknown, lots to learn

  • Katie’s inspiration when she’s creating new products

  • Being on the front end of a trend, the pros and cons

  • Finding manufacturers for new product lines

  • Determining how much product to order & how much money to invest

  • Manufacturing overseas & the debate of whether to go overseas

  • Keeping open lines of communication with your buyers

  • Working with big box stores & how that helps fund new products for her business

  • Appreciate your peers in the business, rely on them for support & share information

  • Having slow, sustainable growth is essential. Don’t compare yourself to others

  • Building a business takes time, don’t rush it

  • What’s next for The Good Twin

  • Deciding What to Delegate Course

  • Focusing on the higher level, revenue generating projects and hiring for the rest

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“Sales rep knowledge is so valuable. They are on the ground with people just really getting it done.” – Katie Wilson

“You think it’s fun to be on the front end of a trend, and be the cool kid. It’s not.” – Katie Wilson

“It is scary to lay out that cash, out way at the beginning for something that you’re not sure if it’s gonna sell.” – Katie Hunt

“If you can’t make your margins work on a reasonably small amount, you probably shouldn’t be making the products.” – Katie Wilson

“If you shine, I shine.” – Katie Wilson

“Having slow, sustainable growth is so essential.” – Katie Wilson


Website: The Good Twin | Facebook: @thegoodtwinco | Instagram: @thegoodtwinco | Twitter: @thegoodtwinco

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Katie Hunt is a business strategist, podcaster, mentor and mama to four. She helps product based businesses build profitable, sustainable companies through her conferences, courses and coaching programs.

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