42 | Misconceptions around clutter with Beth Penn, Bneato Bar

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Beth Penn is a professional organizer, speaker and life hacker. She is the founder of Bneato Bar, a professional organizing service whose clients range from corporations looking for big-picture management solutions to busy individuals simply flooded with email, paper or stuff in their home. Beth has been featured in Real Simple Magazine, Oh Joy!, DesignLoveFest, and more, and has collaborated on projects with Style by Emily Henderson and Apartment Therapy.

On today’s episode we’re talking about misconceptions people have around cluttering and organization, and how to get started with decluttering.


  • Some of the common misconceptions that people have around clutter and organization

  • What got Beth started in this business and if she always knew she wanted to help people reduce overwhelm

  • Systems to help reduce inbox overwhelm

  • Beth’s new book “The Little Book of Tidying” and where most people get hung up in the decluttering process

  • What advice she gives to people who just aren’t sure where to start when it comes to decluttering

  • How tidiness can affect somebody’s overall life and happiness

  • How the space around you directly affects the way you think

  • Applying tidying principles to businesses and how we can be maximizing our workspaces and productivity

  • Beth’s definition of success for her clients

  • The services Beth offers and what’s next for her

  • How she knew she wanted to write a book and the process of getting her book published

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“A huge misconception is that people think an organizer’s going to show up, take away everything, put things back into place, and you’re never going to have to touch it again.” – Beth Penn

“It’s really important to not be a slave to your email inbox.” – Beth Penn

“Start simple and start easy.” – Beth Penn

“When you are constantly playing catch up, there’s no extra time to do the things that you want to do.” – Beth Penn

“Tidying doesn’t have to mean physically putting things away. It could mean just trying to be creative in not bringing extra stuff or having to buy stuff.” – Beth Penn

“Success for my clients would be being able to maintain and then as well being able to pivot.” – Beth Penn


Book: The Little Book of Tidying | Website: Bneato Bar | Facebook: @bneatobar | Instagram: @bneatobar | Twitter: @bneatobar

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