079 | Leveraging influncers to sell products with Alison Prince

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Alison Prince is an e-commerce expert and a woman on a mission. She is a business-savvy determined woman who knows how to create something amazing out of nothing. Over the last seven years, Allison has started eight e-commerce businesses, many of which are multi-million dollar brands. She’s sold everything from apparel to technology to household items — she’s sold everything under the sun — growing dollars into millions and pennies into thousands.

On today’s episode, we talk about how Allison built her deal of a day website and then leveraged best selling products to create their own site and brand. She also shares how she leverages influencers to sell her product and why testing your product is the most important thing you can do in e-commerce.


  • Alison’s career background

  • Why she left the classroom for entrepreneurship

  • Her first experience selling products online

  • The different types of products she has sold online & how she decides what to sell

  • How & when she first introduced her daughters to entrepreneurship

  • Where she is selling products

  • The benefits of testing a product before investing in a large quantity

  • What she does with overstock of products

  • How she uses influencers in her marketing

  • Alison’s tips on approaching influencers

  • How she leverages discounts on her products

  • The biggest driver of Alison’s success in business

  • How she uses ClickFunnels & the success that she has had with it

  • What’s next for Alison

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“I started going to the library and checking out books and magazines on how people made money.” – Alison Prince

“I realized the entrepreneur journey isn’t a straight line. It is literally a rollercoaster ride, and if I got in, I’m going for that ride.” – Alison Prince

“Remember the school teacher who was qualified for food stamps? Like, I had a multimillion-dollar business because I didn’t give up.” – Alison Prince

“I think that’s where a lot of people can flub up, is they go and they buy a couple grand in product. Don’t do that.” – Alison Prince

“I couldn’t go and build a huge eCommerce site with a whole bunch of SKUs and a whole bunch of variations, because I literally could not afford to do that, so I could only put up one product a day.” – Alison Prince

“Just test it. Buy a small amount, get a small amount, and then send out an email list. If it doesn’t sell, that’s fine; you’ve got Christmas presents for all your friends and family.” – Alison Prince

“I think the reason why I succeeded is because I failed so much.” – Alison Prince

“Don’t be so confident and stuck in your head that you’re not willing to test. You have to test your product, and then you can invest the money.” – Alison Prince

“The key to success is a micro-influencer. Don’t go after the big guys.” – Alison Prince

“The more engagement you can have, the better results you’re going to have. It’s not about the numbers anymore; it’s all about community.” – Alison Prince

“I have to make sure my product’s good, I have to make sure my pricing’s good, I’ve got to make sure it will convert, because an influencer can drive traffic, but it’s up to you to make sure that you’ve got a good offer.” – Alison Prince

“I love discounts because it helps me to control my lifestyle.” – Alison Prince

“I feel like you can create a Black Friday special any day of the year.” – Alison Prince

“I’m not afraid to test. I’m not afraid to fail. I’m not afraid to be a hot mess, because that’s just who I am, right?” – Alison Prince

“With ClickFunnels, you can put blinders on your customers to help them focus.” – Alison Prince

“We don’t have to go out and get big huge bank loans anymore. We don’t have to have brick and mortar, we don’t have to go to China anymore to manufacture our products. We’ve got technology, we’ve got the Internet right here in our hands to be able to use.” – Alison Prince

“My heart is in watching others succeed.” – Alison Prince


Website: Alison Prince | Instagram: @alisonjprince | Facebook: Because I Can Clan | Youtube: Alison Prince


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