056 | Enhance your Etsy Shop with Kelly Parker Smith, Hello World Paper Co.

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Kelly Parker Smith is a multi-talented business owner and creative artist. Kelly is a rubber stamp designer and manufacturer living just outside St. Louis. She has grown her shop, Hello World Paper Co., with the idea that great products become even better when paired with top-notch customer service, a little surprise and delight, and the perfect packaging!

Kelly is also the co-host of the Creative Biz Rebellion podcast where she and Caroline Hull show other business owners how to build, maintain, and grow a profitable online shop through their podcast and online workshops. In her free time Kelly enjoys painting and drawing on her iPad Pro and is soon to release her second fabric collection with Sweet Bee Designs fabric company.

On today’s episode Kelly is sharing how she juggles multiple arms of her business – manufacturing stamps, designing fabric and mentoring through her podcast. We also talked about time management, prioritizing profitable tasks and setting boundaries to protect our time. Kelly also share three strategies for enhancing your Etsy shop.


  • All of the different arms of her business

  • How she got started designing a fabric collection

  • The benefits of trying something new and how it influences all areas of her business

How Kelly balances all of the different aspects of her business

  • The way that she maps out her week & how she prioritizes tasks

  • The importance of setting boundaries and saying “no”

  • The responsibilities of Kelly’s office manager and why she decided to hire her from the beginning

  • Why she decided to have a secondary site in addition to Etsy

Kelly’s tips on enhancing your Etsy listings

  • Her advice for someone just starting out in a product based business

What’s next for Hello World Paper Co.

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“When you feel stuck in one area of your life creatively, it’s so important to try something new.” – Kelly Parker Smith

“For me, money talks. What do I need to get done first? Who’s paying me to do what that I have to get done? Then, when I have that scheduled out for the week, I look at what do I need to do to move forward in my business? Then, I schedule that out.” – Kelly Parker Smith

“When our calendar gets so full it doesn’t leave a space to breathe. It doesn’t leave a space to think and to plan and to really execute on the high priority things.” – Katie Hunt

“I don’t have notifications on for my Etsy shop, I don’t have notifications on my phone for my emails.” – Kelly Parker Smith

“Every time I brought somebody on my team, my business grew, my revenue grew, and my sanity came back.” – Katie Hunt

“Etsy is amazing. It’s a great place to start, it’s a great place to be. We’ll never leave Etsy as long as it’s there, but the thing is that you can’t put everything you have into one platform, especially if you don’t own it.” – Kelly Parker Smith

“You have to think like a buyer.” – Kelly Parker Smith

“I went in the direction that my business was telling me to go in. I listened to where the money was coming in, I was very meticulous in my bookkeeping, and I really looked at patterns and what was selling and what was making me profit and what wasn’t. I just followed essentially what my business and my customers were telling me.” – Kelly Parker Smith

Connect with Katie Hunt

Katie Hunt is a business strategist, podcaster, mentor and mama to four. She helps product based businesses build profitable, sustainable companies through her conferences, courses and coaching programs.

Website: prooftoproduct.com  |   Instagram: @prooftoproduct

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