046 | Leveraging past work experiences in business with Richele Silva, Richie Designs

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Richele Silva is the founder of Richie Designs, a boutique design and letterpress studio located in Long Beach, California. Richele is an art director, stylist, designer and printer. She founded Richie Designs 12 years ago, first as a side hustle while she worked at an advertising agency. Richele’s products are sold at Paper Source, Urban Outfitters and Sugarfina along with hundreds of independent boutiques across the U.S.

On today’s episode we’re talking about leveraging past work experiences in business and the benefits of moving slowly and steadily in your business.


  • Her career path and how her previous stationery business led to Richie Designs

  • Walking her first National Stationery Show in 1990

  • Her first greeting card company, Three Mulligans

  • How her background in advertising helped prepare her for being a business owner

  • Starting Richie Designs as a side hustle and then transitioning into it being her full-time gig

  • How her background as a printer shaped the decisions she’s made for her business

  • The “tipping points” in her business that helped her realize she could do this full-time

  • Richele’s slow and steady approach to growing Richie Designs

  • Her approach to social media and how it has changed over the years

  • The advice she would give to people early on in their product-based businesses

  • Richele’s favorite resource for her business

  • What’s next for Richie Designs in 2018

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“I remember having a conversation sitting with college girlfriends and we were talking about our dream jobs and greeting card designer was mine.” – Richele Silva

“I want to meet everyone in their journey exactly where they are and I want to help them with whatever phase they’re in.” – Katie Hunt

“Having printed for other designers who don’t print, I feel like it shapes my design for sure. Somebody who doesn’t print is going to dream up three-color designs versus somebody who has to stand there and actually print it.” – Richele Silva

“I just know I have to work slowly.” – Richele Silva

“I don’t think it’s a bad thing to sit back and take a little breath.” – Richele Silva


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