008 | Infusing personal interests into creative work with Briana & Jason of Brainstorm

Briana & Jason, Brainstorm

Owned and operated by Briana Feola and Jason Snyder, Brainstorm is a print shop and collaborative design studio rooted in the production of original art prints inspired by science, nature, and the outdoors. Briana & Jason have done some creative collaborative projects with big brands such as Lollapalooza, Patgonia, Airstream trailers and an upcoming project with L.L. Bean.

On today’s episode Briana and Jason talk about how their love of learning inspires their work, using a strong brand to attract the right clients and why your business should always be in some state of transition.


  • Building a business out of a recession

  • Working side hustles while growing the business

  • Working with a significant other

  • How their life interests & love of learning inspire their work

  • Professional collaborations & partnerships with Lollapalooza, Patagonia and Airstream

  • Custom clients found them through their print work

  • Attracting the right clients using a strong brand

  • Hiring their first employee & the importance of finding someone with flexibility

  • Winning the airstream trailer design competition

  • Summer travel plans in the Airstream trailer

  • Transitions they’ve experienced as they’ve grown

  • Benefits of staying small and nimble

  • Focusing on what is going to work, and not letting failures get you down

  • Upcoming project with L.L. Bean

  • What’s next for We Are Brainstorm

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“We always dig deep into our own lives for inspiration” – Briana Feola

“We’re eternal students and want to keep learning no matter what the subject is” – Briana Feola

“As entrepreneurs, we tend to be more critical of ourselves than anyone else is” – Katie Hunt

“Going to Tradeshow Bootcamp was an eye opening experience that was necessary to set us in motion for the next four, five years now.” – Briana Feola

“I feel like your business should always be in some state of transition” – Jason Snyder

“One benefit of being a small business owner is that we can be nimble and make our own decisions, shift gears however we need to” – Katie Hunt

“We pride ourselves on the fact that we stay super small and adaptable” – Briana Feola

“I need to get out of my own way, sometimes” – Briana Feola


Website: We Are Brainstorm | Facebook: @wearebrainstorm | Instagram: @wearebrainstorm | Twitter: @wearebrainstorm

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