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I’ve been thinking a lot about boundaries, particularly as it relates to what I say yes to and what I say no to in both my personal and business life. I don’t know about you guys but I have a tendency to take one too much or underestimate how long things will take. I mostly get excited about opportunities, say yes and then find myself overscheduled and stretched thin. I know I’m not alone in this.

But here’s the deal.

We all have the same amount of hours in the day, and as entrepreneurs, we have a lot of different things pulling on us for our time — projects, family, friends, exciting opportunities, the daily grind of running a business. It’s exhausting trying to do all these things, keep everyone happy and yet still have time for ourselves.

When I interviewed Rosie from Sugarfina on episode 64 she stressed how important self-care is, why we need to take action before things are perfect, and we both acknowledged that its difficult to protect our time because as entrepreneurs the running to do list is never-ending. Rosie shared how she decides what to say and what to say no to, and I thought it might be helpful to share some of the things I consider with you

This is something I’m working on, and I’ve definitely been more diligent in protecting my time in recent months. But here are some of the questions I ask myself when I’m considering whether to say yes to something or no to something:

Does this align with my long-term goals?
Does this align with my short-term goals?
What is the time commitment?
What are the benefits for me, my business, my family?
What is my excitement level?

I’d love to hear from your in our Proof to Product Facebook group. What questions do you ask yourself when you’re deciding whether or not to move forward with a project? Weigh in and let me now. You can join our free Facebook group by going to tradeshowcamp.com/join.

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Katie Hunt is a business strategist, podcaster, mentor and mama to four. She helps product based businesses build profitable, sustainable companies through her conferences, courses and coaching programs.

Website: prooftoproduct.com  |   Instagram: @prooftoproduct

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