Search Engine Optimization vs Conversion Rate Optimization with Katie Hunt

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On this mini episode, Katie Hunt reiterates something Brice McBeth of Reap marketing talked about on Episode 62 of Proof to Product — the difference between search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization.

Here’s what we learned from Brice:

Search engine optimization is driving traffic to your website.

Conversion Rate Optimization is getting people on your website to take action & buy.

Brice shares a lot of great ideas and strategies in episode 62 if you haven’t listened yet I highly recommend it.

There’s so much more to dive into here, so Brice and I will be hosting a free online masterclass next month to talk about why SEO is a hoax. And, how you can be leveraging your existing marketing to get more customers. If you to be notified about the details when we open registration. Head to and make sure you’re on our mailing list.

Connect with Katie Hunt

Katie Hunt is a business strategist, podcaster, mentor and mama to four. She helps product based businesses build profitable, sustainable companies through her conferences, courses and coaching programs.

Website:  |   Instagram: @prooftoproduct

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