019 | Marketing to multiple sales channels with Victoria Venturi, Paper Epiphanies

Victoria Venturi, Paper Epiphanies

TSBC Alum, Victoria Venturi is the founder of Paper Epiphanies, a paper and lifestyle brand that empowers women. Prior to being her own boss, Victoria worked in PR Marketing for really large brands such as FOX, Disney, Warner Bros., and Hilton Hotels.

On today’s episode, we’re talking about balancing wholesale and retail outreach, how to build relationships with the press and the importance of honing your message and articulating the why of your business.


  • Victoria’s background in stand-up comedy and public relations

  • The beginning of Paper Epiphanies

  • The mission and vision behind Paper Epiphanies

  • Focusing on your core audience and accepting that her products are not for everyone

  • The value of knowing your why

  • Paper Epiphanies business model & launching both retail and wholesale simultaneously

  • Why it was important for Victoria to launch wholesale from the beginning

  • The differences in marketing to wholesale clients and retail customers

  • Creating cohesion in your brand

  • How to approach press outreach

  • Victoria’s best practices in following up with media contacts

  • Call to actions for day to day life in business

  • How Paper Epiphanies has navigated transitional times of major growth

  • The benefit of adding rep groups slowly

  • Victoria’s advice for up and comer entrepreneurs in the product space

  • What’s next for Paper Epiphanies

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“I wanna write for women and 90% of my buyers are female, so, I don’t care if I’m alienating men. Screw ’em like this is a line for women, about women.”– Victoria Venturi

“I think for me the company really came full circle when I launched Kiss My Pumps, ’cause I was able to have that fun irreverent side with our greeting cards, but then also really tap into that mission, and that why for our company, which is empowering women.”– Victoria Venturi

“There are some people that don’t like our brand, and that’s okay because we’re not for everyone.”– Victoria Venturi

“It’s really important to have an authentic voice and know why you’re doing what you’re doing.”– Victoria Venturi

“It doesn’t have to be some huge over powering existential point, it just has to be your why. What motivates you, and what makes you unique.”– Victoria Venturi

“Every decision you make should be driving back to that same goal, or that same mission, or whatever it might be.”– Katie Hunt

“I would say that saying no to things is almost more important than saying yes, or deciding on how to say no to things is more important because every day we’re inundated with opportunities but choosing, which ones are the right ones.”– Katie Hunt

“A media list with 10 people that’s well thought out that has specific references to articles is way more effective than a hundred-person media list where you’re just sending blank mass emails.”– Victoria Venturi

“Grow your business at your pace, with what you’re comfortable with, and success is year over year growth– doesn’t matter if it’s five dollars, or if it’s 500% year over year growth.”– Victoria Venturi

“…each time you have one of these new projects you learn how to do it better, and it’s not as scary. As you grow the things you do down the road you’re gonna be amazed at yourself.”– Victoria Venturi


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