066 | Gaining visibility for your brand with Brittney Lynn

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Brittney Lynn a PR and marketing strategist who works with online entrepreneurs worldwide. She’s also the host of Day in the Life podcast. Brittney has nearly 10 years of experience working in the online marketing industry, and has a passion for helping others grow their reach, their revenue, and impact through strategic PR.

On today’s episode of Proof to Product, we talked about the importance of building a brand story, how to find the right media opportunities for you, and strategies for gaining visibility for your brand.


  • The type of work Brittney is doing & how she helps creative entrepreneurs

  • Her career history & how she started her own PR business

  • Why it’s important to know your story when you’re reaching out to press

  • How you can be leveraging your story in your marketing

  • The biggest misconception about PR

  • The steps creative entrepreneurs can take to make their products & services more visible

  • An example of how honing in on your story & knowing your audience can lead to the perfect press mention

  • What’s next for Brittney

  • How PR is a long game & an ongoing process

  • The importance of following up

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“This job, what I do right now, it just didn’t really exist when I graduated.” – Brittney Lynn

“About half the clients that I currently work with, they have worked with an agency in the past, and they felt like it wasn’t a good use of money because they [the agency] didn’t really understand what the creative entrepreneur community was like.” – Brittney Lynn

“You probably saw a need in the market, otherwise you wouldn’t have created these products in the first place.” – Brittney Lynn

“Humans relate more to stories than they do to a sales pitch.” – Brittney Lynn

“Really strong stories and knowing who you are, who you serve, how your product stands out from your competitors — that’s gonna catch a journalist’s eye, or a podcast host.” – Brittney Lynn

“I’m always checking in and making sure that what we’re doing from a PR perspective is in line with what your business’s goals and mission is.”– Brittney Lynn

“Most times when people are getting press. They’re going after it.” – Brittney Lynn

“It’s the long game, so if you’re not committed to really doing it and seeing it through, maybe you’re not quite ready to do PR and press.” – Brittney Lynn

“Follow up, please please follow up.” – Brittney Lynn


Website: Brittney Lynn | Instagram: @brittneyllynn | Facebook: @brittneyllynndotcom | Twitter: @BrittneyLLynn | Pinterest: @brittneyllynn

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