059 | Launching a brand through Kickstarter with Suann Song, Appointed

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Suann Song is a graphic designer and founder of Appointed, an American-made brand of carefully designed desktop products that make utility look luxurious. Prior to starting Appointed, Suann conducted an exhaustive but unsuccessful search when she tried to find refined and well-made desktop products that are manufactured in the US, so she decided to create her own. In March 2015, Suann launched Appointed through a kickstarter campaign reaching her goal of $25,000 dollars in the first five days.  

On today’s episode, Suann is sharing what it was like to launch a brand and product line through Kickstarter.  She’s also sharing some behind the scenes info on why she’s redesigning the Appointed website and what that process has looked like.  Suann also reminds us that relationships and fresh product are at the core of a successful product based business.


  • How Suann got started in this creative field

  • Transitioning from a service-based business with Simple Song Design to a product based business with Appointed

  • Why she chose to launch Appointed with Kickstarter and what the process was like

  • What surprised her about the Kickstarter campaign

  • How her background in PR has helped her strategize and build momentum

  • The motivation behind launching a brand new website for Appointed

  • Why she decided to outsource the whole website — the redesign and the development

  • Her experience being on the “other side” of the design process

  • Missteps that Suann sees product-based business owners make when they’re redesigning their websites

  • How she is sharing the news of their new website with wholesale clients versus with retail clients

  • Suann’s advice for product-based business owners who are just getting started

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“I got the idea for Appointed about five years ago where I saw a need in the market for just gender neutral, really well-made, American made products.” – Suann Song

“I spent a solid year of researching, finding manufacturers, figuring out how much money I would need, figuring how much money I would need in year one, two, and three.” – Suann Song

“If the Kickstarter was going to be a flop, and I literally put everything out there, invested in a video, produced a video, put all of the information on the Kickstarter page, and if people weren’t going to support it, then I thought, ‘Okay, maybe this isn’t a good idea.’” – Suann Song

“I think that there is definitely a market for men in stationery paper goods, office.” – Suann Song

“I really believe people buy from people.” – Suann Song

“Business is all about the relationships we’re building. You never know when somebody in your life is going to come back in and be a buying customer or have a referral for you.” – Katie Hunt

“We’re very proudly American made, every single component of our products.” – Suann Song

“It was really important that we show the depth of our story, but it really is about the user experience and making it enjoyable, easy, and most importantly, convenient.” – Suann Song

“You have to keep it fresh. You have to have something to talk about, and not for the sake of just doing that, but you just need to keep your product line relevant and interesting and release new products.” – Suann Song


Website: Appointed | Instagram: @appointedco | Instagram: @suannsong

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