026 | Building systems & automations at work and home with Tonya Dalton, inkWELL Press

Tonya Dalton, inkwell Press

Tonya Dalton is the owner of inkWELL Press and host of Productivity Paradox. Tonya is a productivity expert who believes that too many women feel overwhelmed with all that they have to do each day. She helps women use productivity to pursue their big goals and end each day feeling satisfied and successful.

On today’s episode we’re talking about systems, automations and prioritizing at both home and in your business. She’s an amazing business woman who tells us her story of building her business from her kitchen table. She shares strategies and provides details about her new online course, the new liveWELL method.


  • Tonya’s background prior to starting inkWELL Press

  • The motivation and inspiration behind inkWELL Press

  • The systems Tonya put into place to take her kitchen table hobby into a huge business

  • How her background as a teacher helped her set up systems & run her business efficiently

  • What overwhelm is & how to overcome it

  • Common pain points Tanya sees in entrepreneurs when it comes to productivity in systems and automations

  • The need to come up with an action plan to meet your goals

  • Creating priority lists instead of to-do lists

  • How Tanya breaks down her priorities for the week

  • Preventing “urgent fires” from popping up by prioritizing

  • Systems she has built into the inkWELL Press team

  • What success looks like to Tanya

  • What’s next for inkWell Press

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“That is really what started inkWELL Press, was figuring out what were the things I was passionate about? How was I going to make these things work so I could do something that fulfilled me?” – Tonya Dalton

“One of the mistakes a lot of people make is they think, “I need to create all the systems all at once and try to implement them” and then because that becomes so overwhelming, it just falls apart.” – Tonya Dalton

“Overwhelm is not having too much to do. It’s not knowing where to start.” – Tonya Dalton

“People get really caught up in more is more, and so often less is more.” – Tonya Dalton

“Productivity is velocity, and that means you’re moving in one direction, instead of trying to move in all the directions.” – Tonya Dalton

“It’s really important that you are always making an action plan and stopping to assess.” – Tonya Dalton

“We need to be focused on the things that are going to have the biggest impact, and make the most strides in your business.” – Katie Hunt

“To me, success looks like harmony.” – Tonya Dalton

“My definition of productivity is not getting more things done in less time. It really is getting the important things done.” – Tonya Dalton


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