024 | Pivoting in business with Adina Segal, Bunny Bear Press

Adina Segal, Bunny Bear Press

Adina Segal is the owner of Bunny Bear Press, a letterpress studio based in Seattle, Washington. Adina attended Tradeshow Bootcamp in the fall of 2013, prior to exhibiting at the National Stationery Show in 2014 in a shared booth with The Ladies of Letterpress. Since then, Adina has rebranded, built out her product line and is focused on turning customers into good friends.

On today’s episode, Adina is sharing the evolution of her business, including why she underwent a complete rebrand and redesigned all of her products. We also discuss shifting her focus to do one thing and to do it well and how she’s keeping herself accountable by sharing her goals on her blog.


  • What led Adina to start her own business

  • How she decided upon the name “Bunny Bear Press” for her business

  • Getting started in hand lettering and when she started incorporating it into her products

  • The products that Bunny Bear Press offers

  • Her decision to focus on one product on a time and do that really well before expanding into other product offerings

  • The catalyst behind re-designing her greeting card line

  • Adina’s inspiration behind the re-design of the Bunny Bear Press products

  • How sharing her goals publicly and providing status updates every month has affected her business

  • What’s next for Bunny Bear Press

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“I made a decision to just focus on one thing and do that really well. Then once that builds momentum, it’ll afford me the opportunity and ability to kind of expand out into some other items, because I feel like doing all these different things, you get spread really thin.”– Adina Segal

“I think before I was just making things to be pretty. I wasn’t really making them for a specific person.”– Adina Segal

“It’s like having that written history of your friendship, I think it’s a beautiful thing.”– Adina Segal

“I decided to get really clear about what my goals were for the year, and not only that, break it down in such a way that I was checking back with myself, periodically every month.”– Adina Segal

“Being able to actually tally mark everything, I am being very honest with myself about how much work I did that month for trying to reach my wholesale goals.”– Adina Segal

“But I need to not let the crickets make me quit.”– Adina Segal

“The only time you lose and you fail at something is when you quit and you walk away.”– Adina Segal

“If nobody knows you, they’re not going to buy from you.”– Adina Segal


Website: Bunny Bear Press | Facebook: @bunnybearpress | Instagram: @bunnybearpress | Twitter: @bunnybearpress

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