End of the Year Check-in & Planning

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As we put the finishing touches on this year, we’re eyeing next year. It’s common (and an essential) practice, to start planning out goals and intentions for the coming year.

But what if lists and planning aren’t your forté? What if you’re happy flying by the seat of your pants, and seeing where business takes you?

It’s time for a wake-up call. If you’re looking to grow in the next year, or wanting to stop the wheels from constantly turning (without really going anywhere), it’s time to sit down and really get some goals onto your pretty paper. The only way to be truly profitable is to be more strategic.

Planning in your business can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to plan for an entire year. Taken in smaller chunks, it can be done. And with minimal stress.

Look at the Big Picture

Before you look at some of the little things you’d like to accomplish next year, think about what you want in the bigger picture. Do you want to scale your business and expand? Are you looking to gain more visibility next year? Do you have a big event you’ve been eyeing? Are you interested in expanding your team, bringing on sales reps or collaborating with other brands? Once you know, in the big picture, where most of your energy needs to go, it’s easier to plan smaller chunks of time because everything should be done with the bigger picture in mind.

Start by thinking about what went well last year and what didn’t go quite as planned. That’s a good starting point for finding your big picture for next year. Then think about where you’d like to be (and then stretch it just a bit, for a challenge).

Where Can You Invest Now?

It’s almost the end of the year, which means time is running out to take advantage of tax deductions. If you have a big investment you’ve had your eye on, and you have the funds available, maybe now is the right time to take the leap. Just be sure that whatever you decide to invest in fits into your bigger picture for the next year. And be certain that the numbers add up.

Update Your Systems

One of the biggest hang-ups in business is usually systems. If you don’t have good systems in place, you’re wasting your time backtracking, following up and searching through emails to find that order (that you know you sent out, but need confirmation). Sound familiar?

Systems are hard to nail down, especially for us creative types who don’t always think in a linear manner. But the resources are out there—from email tracking to project management to automated invoicing. All you need to do is figure out where you need the most help and start there.

We only have a few short weeks left before we ring in the new year. Are you ready? Do you have intentional goals written down, ready to tackle? Let me know what they are, and let’s find out how I can support you!

And remember, start small and build up from there. You got this!


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Katie Hunt is a business strategist, podcaster, mentor and mama to four. She helps product based businesses build profitable, sustainable companies through her conferences, courses and coaching programs.

Website: prooftoproduct.com  |   Instagram: @prooftoproduct

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