Tradeshow Booth Inspiration: Fancy Seeing You Here



Sarah of Fancy Seeing You Here used this booth for several consecutive years; allowing her to reuse materials, save time and establish a consistent look for the buyers! The clip on lights used Bright White eco bulbs (both purchased at Home Depot). The faux wood foam flooring was purchased on Amazon. Sarah's signage was laser cut wood affixed to the walls with 3M foam strips. Her displays were a mix of custom cut wood hung with pegboard hooks and some cards affixed directly to the wall. Sarah drove everything into NY, and was able to bring furniture from home most of which as from Ikea.


WALLS: DIY Walls, Peg Board

LIGHTS: Clip On Lights, Bright Eco Bulbs

FLOORING: Faux Wood Foam Tiles

SIGNAGE: Laser Cut Wood

SHELVES: Peg Board Hooks + Custom Cut Wood

FURNITURE: From Her Home, Most from IKEA

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