Chez Gagné Expands to Over 300 SKUS and Diversifies Product Categories

Image from Chez Gagné

Image from Chez Gagné

When Alex Gagné from Chez Gagné came to Paper Camp, she had been in business for just under 2 years and had created a collection of 80 greeting cards.

She knew that wholesale was her end game, so she soaked up a ton of info at Paper Camp; then went home and put what she learned into action sourcing new products, reaching out to buyers and streamlining her processes.

Within one year of coming to Paper Camp, Alex’s hard work and hustle landed her products in more than 500 stores, including Paper Source.

Within four years of coming to Paper Camp, Alex has grown her product line to include over 350 SKUs across multiple product categories including greeting cards, wine tags, paper clips, washi tape, mugs, candles, glassware and wine glasses.

Alex now works with sales reps across the country, she and her team exhibited at 12 wholesale trade shows this year and her product line is carried in more than 1500 stores throughout the world.  Wholesale sales currently account for 93% of Chez Gagné’s annual revenue.

If you’re ready to do the hard work and want help figuring out how to refine or launch your wholesale program, join us for the next Paper Camp conference or e-course.



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