Tradeshow Booth Inspiration: Think and Ink Studio



Canadian alums, Think & Ink Studio exhibited for first time at the National Stationery Show with this booth. Bambs rented the hardwall package from GES which included the veloce walls and track lighting that they used. The walls arrived in 'as is' condition (aka dirty and big gaps in between walls). Bambs arrived to NY early enough that she was able to easily clean and fix the walls without too much stress. Their white masonite flooring was rented from Manny Stone. Everything was installed when she arrived. She rented 2 Eames chairs and 1 Saarinen marble top table from in New York. She would use them again - their modern furniture suited her style and brand. They shipped boxes to a friend in New York via Fed Ex three weeks before the show (roughly $80). Bambs cautions people to arrive early, keep things simple and ALWAYS have a plan B or C if you must!


WALLS: Hard Wall Package from GES

LIGHTS: Track Lighting

FLOORING: Manny Stone White Masonite Flooring

SIGNAGE: Custom Vinyl, DIY Installation

SHELVES: IKEA, Secured Brackets

FURNITURE: Rented from in NY

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