049 | Vision, hustle and boundaries with Emily Thompson, Being Boss

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Emily Thompson is an author, educator and web designer.  She’s the founder of Indie Shopography and co-host of the Being Boss podcast, where she inspires, writes and curates content to help creatives own their path and be more boss.  With over 3 million listens, the impact of the podcast inspired Emily and her business partner and co-host on Being Boss, Kathleen Shannon to write their first book called Being Boss:  Take Control of your Work and Live Life on your Own Terms.

This episode is a fun one and we talked about some key topics in the book.  Emily shared her thoughts on why being boss requires vision and hustle, the importance of setting boundaries that align with your values and why you need to do the work.


  • The biggest misconception that people have around being an entrepreneur

  • The career path that has led Emily to multiple businesses, an amazing podcast, and a book

  • How she met her podcast co-host, Kathleen Shannon, and how they grew their “business bestie” relationship

  • Starting the Being Boss podcast & the inspiration behind it

  • What lead to Emily & Kathleen deciding to write a book & how their experiences shaped it

How Emily balances being both a visionary and an implementer

How values set the stage for decision making within business

  • The advice Emily has for people pleasers who want to say “yes” to everything

The red flags people experience when they need to set better boundaries

Emily’s definition of success

What’s next for Emily and the Being Boss brand

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“My life probably looks a lot easier to some people than it actually is levitra generico online.” – Emily Thompson

“Most successful people have super windy roads that get them to the place they are now.” – Emily Thompson

“Once you make that first leap, all the other leaps are easier.” – Emily Thompson

“I understand that I have to know what those day to day tasks are, in order to reach that big vision, and so it was a practice of finding a system that worked for me, and then just implementing it, day after day after day.” – Emily Thompson

“As creative entrepreneurs, we live our work, and our work in a lot of ways, defines who we are.” – Emily Thompson

“If you have some good parameters around what you allow yourself to say yes to, you can say yes with confidence and no resentment, to things that are going to fit, and you can say no with confidence and no fear, to the things that don’t fit.” – Emily Thompson

“Once you are good at holding your boundaries, it’s so much easier to be fluid and maintain control.” – Emily Thompson

“Just because somebody else is doing it, does not mean you need to do it. You need to do what is best for you, your company, your business, your circumstances, your family.” – Katie Hunt

“My success looks like doing whatever I want to do, but also being super productive while I’m doing it.” – Emily Thompson


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Katie Hunt is a business strategist, podcaster, mentor and mama to four. She helps product based businesses build profitable, sustainable companies through her conferences, courses and coaching programs.

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