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How Do I Know if a Store is a Good Fit for my Products?

You’ve probably heard me say this on Proof to Product and in previous emails, but I’m a firm believer that relationships are they key to running and building a successful business.

Everyone from our team, to our customers, to our colleagues, to our vendors plays a significant role in our personal growth as well as the development of our company. Your relationships with wholesale buyers, are no exception.

But how do you find the right stores?

How do you connect on a personal level with the buyer?

How do you know if a store is a good fit for what you sell?

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How to Time Product Releases?

Creating new products and tinkering with new design ideas is why many of you went into business. It’s the draw of the creative process. You love to brainstorm, create and then create some more. And it keeps your business exciting and alive—for you and for your bank account.

Releasing these new products is your ticket to business growth. It sets you apart from the competition and shows retailers that you’re serious about your business and your product line. But it’s important to realize that timing is a major factor with new releases, particularly when you’re selling wholesale.

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3 Rules of Processing Wholesale Orders

Selling wholesale is a great way to scale your business, but it is a whole different ball game than selling direct to consumers. There are important rules you need to follow when wholesaling, specifically surrounding shipping orders and processing payment. Rules that you may not know when you’re new to wholesale (I didn’t!) but when broken may hurt your relationships with buyers or impact future sales.

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