Tradeshow Booth Inspiration: Tradeshow Bootcamp



Tradeshow Bootcamp had a 80sq ft corner booth. The walls were purchased, printed and installed through Manny Stone Decorators; 3/16" colored foam core matched to the PMS color of the TSBC branding. Custom white vinyl was created be Dave at EGI Graphics and installed by Katie and Rachael Hetzel. The carpeted foam tiles were purchased on ebay 5 years ago for around $80 and have held up well. The white bookshelf was rented from Manny Stone Decorators and used as an iPad kiosk. The chairs, tables and pillows were purchased at ikea. We rented one parcan and had brought several clip on lights with us, but opted not to use the clip on lights. Photos were hung on the wall with 3M adhevive tape. Plants were purchased at a local home depot and the tables at the corner were from Ikea.


WALLS: Manny Stone Colored Foam Core

LIGHTS: 1 Parcan

FLOORING: 8 Year Old Carpeted Foam Tiles

SIGNAGE: Custom Vinyl, Installed by Us


FURNITURE: Manny Stone Rental + IKEA

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