Tradeshow Booth Inspiration: Golden Fox Goods



First time exhibitors, Golden Fox Goods' had a 80 sq ft, corner booth under the low ceiling at Javits. Missy and Grant initially wanted to use foam core walls but opted for hard walls built by a local carpeter to ensure they could easily and safely hang their art prints. They lucked out and were directly under an overhead light, they also utilized clip-on desk lamps with high-wattage LEDs. Shelving and tables were purchased at Ikea. They used vinyl flooring from a local store in Los Angeles. It was cushy and easy to lay over the concrete. Vinyl was cut by Dave at EGI Vinyl. Grant warns to order vinyl early and order extra in case you make a mistake. They built an (extremely) large crate that they shipped via Showtime which was by far their cheapest option. They shipped early to the GES storage warehouse and were hit with a $300 holding fee. Next time they will ship directly to the show. Grant and Missy recommend allowing 2 full days for set-up, particularly if you're installing your own walls.


WALLS: Hard Walls Built by a Carpenter

LIGHTS: Clip On Lights with High Wattage LEDs

FLOORING: Vinyl Flooring

SIGNAGE: Custom Vinyl

SHELVES: IKEA Shelves, Affixed with Screws


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