Tradeshow Booth Inspiration: Belle & Union Co.



Belle & Union Co. exhibited in a 200sq ft corner booth under the high ceilings for their third year at the National Stationery Show. The hard wall booth with built-in shelving was built 3 years ago and has been used for 4 shows. A parcan was used.for overall light and additional clip-on lights were used to highlight individual products throughout the booth. Meg and Josh used vinyl roll-out flooring over top of carpet padding. Extra squishy fo tired feet Their company name and booth number were laser cut and then they had paper signs for product categories which were affixed with an ATG gun. They sent everything to NY in two giant crates. Meg says it was expensive to ship the first time, but now they store everything in their frieght company's warehouse between shows. Meg recommends planning as early as you can. Investing in a booth that could be easily altered has saved them a lot of money over the years.


WALLS: Hard Walls, Built 3 Years Ago

LIGHTS: Parcan + Clip On Lights

FLOORING: Vinyl Flooring + Carpet Padding

SIGNAGE: Laser Cut Wood + Paper Signs

SHELVES: Built-Ins

FURNITURE: Store Counter, Built Themselves

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