Booth Brainstorm: Good Lighting

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Excellent lighting is critical to your trade show booth. You want your booth to be inviting and display your products in the best possible way. And, lighting is a big component of this. As you’re weighing your lighting options, keep in mind the reasons behind why you want to have great lighting in your trade show booth.

Your Buyers

Your buyers want to see what they’re buying. Good lighting makes the details of your product stand out—the colors, textures—and helps the buyers envision your products on their store shelves.

The Press

Members of the press love trade shows. It’s their chance to see new products, new concepts and trends in the industry under one roof. But, they need a well-lit booth to take great photos. The better your lighting, the more likely they’ll share a snap on social media or save a photo as a reminder to follow-up with you later.

Pro Tip: Don’t include glass in the frames of any art prints. Glass can create glare in photos.

Social Media

We always see an uptick in social media posts during show season, not just from exhibitors but also from people walking a show. Great lighting makes your booth more inviting and allows people to take and share better photos.

Pro Tip: Include your social handles on your wall so that people tag you in their photos.

Bright lighting increases visibility, accurately shows your products, makes a booth warm and inviting and creates a better setting for taking photos.  

Check out our booth inspiration to see different types of lighting in use. There are lots of different options available to meet any budget.


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