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Giving back is one of our core values here at Proof to Product — in time, knowledge as well as financial scholarships. Since 2011, we’ve awarded over $100,000 in scholarship funds to creative entrepreneurs who make physical products and have big dreams.

To be considered for our Paper Camp scholarship, please complete the application below.  Fill us in on your business goals, why you do the work you do and how you think we can help you reach your goals.

We receive a large number of scholarship applications. Here’s how to put your best foot forward:

  • Submit everything in one application. We won’t be able to review applications that arrive in pieces.

  • Be sure to include your video using the instructions below; and be sure to test it before you submit!   If we can’t view your video in this application, we won’t be able to consider you. Also, due to the volume of scholarship applications we receive, we can not review videos via email, social media, etc.  Please put the link to your video IN your scholarship application to be considered.

  • Deadline to apply is ______. Please submit on time. Extensions will not be provided.

  • Submissions are confidential, so please speak freely and tell us your story!

Deadline to apply is Wednesday, November 21st at 5pm PDT!  Scholarship recipient will be notified by Friday, November 30th! Best of luck!

Important Note / FAQ:  Our Paper Camp programs have a history of filling up quickly.  If you’d like to hold a place while we review scholarship applications, please register.  You can use our payment plan options, if you’d like!

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How do you currently sell your products?
How long have you been wholesaling?:
Note: This does NOT have to be a professional video - just you and the camera!! (use your phone or computer). Instructions for sending your video: 1. Upload your video to Dropbox. Google Drive, YouTube or Vimeo. 2. Change the settings so that anyone with the link can view the video. 3. Copy & paste the link into the application BEFORE submitting it. If we can't watch your video, your application will not be considered. Please test your link before submitting your application! Thank you.