Wholesaling: Top Tips for Building Your Catalog

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Catalogs are an important and necessary sales tool for your wholesale business. But they are also expensive and time-consuming to produce so you want to make them as effective as possible.

Whether you’re attending tradeshows or sending samples to stores, a catalog is a must-have. Let’s take a closer look at three things you MUST have in your catalog:


Make it super easy for a buyer to contact you. Include your email, phone and URL on every single page. The footer is a good spot to put this.


Clearly lay out how much they have to spend to place an order with you, MOQ, turn around times, payment methods accepted, and your policies on returns & exchanges. Be stronger in writing, then flexible in practice.


If they don't know what you're selling, how to use it and the specs of your product, why would they buy it? When in doubt, opt for clear & concise product descriptions versus witty & fun. And, be sure to have great photos & product thumbnails!

Remember that your catalog is a critical sales tool when selling wholesale. It does the job when you aren't there in person with the buyer. Having a printed catalog makes you look polished, professional and tells buyers that you're serious about your business.

For more information, you can watch my short video or take my CreativeLive course about catalogs.


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